weezie and moelies split with Napolitans
"Secret" CD Split Album
SR-01 Released April,2008

Side:weezie and moelies
1.Goodbye Hometown 3.She Comes Back 5.You're My Stranger 7.Let Me Sunshine 9.Lily 11.My Little Girl (SUNNYCHAR)

2.Borsch 4.Love Tre!! 6.Noopy 8.KoiSeyo Otome Chikyu To Maware 10.Napolitana 12.Bye Bye

Pressing 500 (6 colors of obis)

weezie and moelies
"Flower And The Crown E.P." CD-R Single
SR-02 Released February,2009

1.Flower And The Crown 2.Lonely Humming Bird 3.Deer Singing Lullaby 4.Heavenly

Limited 150 (Original Released By GRAPEFRUIT MOON RECORDS / GMR#16 / 2008)

weezie and moelies
"Molly's Been Gone" CD Album
SR-03 Released May,2010

1.The Band's Gonna Play That Song 2.Everything To Break Hearts 3.Flower And The Crown 4.Home 5.I Shall Be Released
6.It's Over 7.Little Birds 8.Midnight Orchestra 9.Crazy Honey Bee 10.Baumkuchen 11.You're My Stranger #2

Pressing 500

"SJP (Complete 2001-2008)" CD-R Best Album
SR-04 Released January,2009

1.Bowling 2.If world 3.恋せよ乙女地球と回れ 4.I love music 5.Broken my heart 6.Borsch 7.Yes,no blues 8.そうめん 9.憧れの街
10.思い出の場所 11.Mr.bread 12.ひろっっっ 13.社歌 14.Summer category (demo) 15.ステキ(demo) 16.Broken my heart(Michel Remix)

Limited 150


weezie and moelies
"It's Over E.P." CD-R Single
SR-05 Released March,2010

1.It's Over (single mix) 2.Goodbye Hometown (live) 3.LAVI-LAVI (live)

Limited 30


"Unhappy Wedding" CD Album
SR-06 Released September,2011

1.Unhappy Holiday 2.Keep pure Smile 3.Summer 4.Alone In My Room 5.Girl Of The Short Cut 6.Fifteen 7.She Call Me Scissors
8.He Was Smile 9.You Hate Her Pop Love Song 10.b.p.p. 11.207 12.Cardigan Is Blue 13.Hello My Painful Heart 14.Sad Song
15.New Town Ave. Pt3

Pressing 500

weezie and moelies
"5 Years Plan E.P." CD-R Single
SR-08 Released October,2011

1.Untittled 2.Untittled

Limited 30


Morning Morgantown Band
"Demo Songs" CD-R Single
SR-09 Released June,2012

1.The End Of Yesterday 2.Get Back My Change

Limited 50

Morning Morgantown Band
"Morning Morgantown Band" CD Album
SR-10 Released October,2012

1.By Bicycle (Hot Summer) 2.おいしいパン屋 3.Small Town
4.Get Back My Change 5.All Over Again
6.ぼくたちの場所 7.The End Of The Yesterday 8.Wedding Song
9.I'm feeling,It's true 10.The Cabin 11.Big Yellow Taxi